Frequency Selector/Control Heads

KFS 586A

$10,931 MSRP

The digital KFS 586A serves as the control/display unit for the KDF 806 automatic direction finder.

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KFS 599A

$15,753 MSRP

UHF Frequency Select V/Off/T (28V Black)

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KFS 564A

$10,871 MSRP

All solid-state, single chip microprocessor controlled with gas discharge display and Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory...

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KFS 579A

Starting at $15,992 MSRP

TAC/Nav Control Head (28V or 5V - Black)

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KFS 578A

Starting at $13,673 MSRP

A digital control to supply signals to the MST 67A Mode S Transponder

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