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Safety, Terrain, and Radar

BendixKing provides a complete line of safety equipment for GA, including situational awareness, traffic, terrain and weather avoidance products.

RDR 2000

Starting at $20,799 MSRP

RDR 2000 is the first of a new generation of Vertical Profile weather radars

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$31,995 MSRP

ADS-B Compliance for Your Business Aircraft

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RDR 2060 Upgrade

Upgrade for $5,995

BendixKing is now offering its Radar Renaissance Upgrade Program for RDR 2000 owners. The program provides an affordable path...

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RDR 2060

Starting at $22,681 MSRP

Setting a new standard in value and performance, the RDR 2060 Digital Weather Radar is a RDR 2100 modified to fit in the same...

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RDR 2100

Starting at $23,181 MSRP

Digital Weather Radar offers a vertical picture of a pilot-selected cross-section of the storm, offering the best view...

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Starting at $28,011 MSRP

Mode S Transponder, Non-Diversity (Black 28V)

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KGP 560

Starting at $15,158 MSRP

In-flight environments demand an ever-increasing amount of attention and pilots need a higher level of situational awareness.

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KTA 970

$37,642 MSRP

The KTA 970 benefits from flexible display volumes. The system displays aircraft up to 8,700 feet above or below your aircraft.

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KTA 870

$28,828 MSRP

The KTA 870 features two directional antennas, each weighing less than a pound and taking up a third the space of traditional...

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KMH 880

Starting at $44,964 MSRP

Multi-Hazard Awareness System (EGPWS & TAS)

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KMH 980

Starting at $58,007 MSRP

Multi-Hazard Awareness System (EGPWS & TCAS)

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CAS 67A / 67B

Starting at $9,858 MSRP

The first system of its type to have received FAA...

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