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Just Pick Up The Phone & Call Us!

Support at BendixKing is simple! Just call our customer support number at 1.855.250.7027 for US  & Canada or 1.505.903.6148 for international customers.

After calling in you will be asked to select the appropriate number key to direct your phone call to the correct department.
BendixKing Dealers & OEMs
For LRU's:
For Service Parts:
When calling customer support, press 1, then press:
Inside Sales - #1
Repair - #2
Technical Support - #3
Wingman Services - #4
Tech Pubs - #5
HAPP - #6
AOG - #7
SPEX - #8
Menu - #0
BendixKing Customers - press 2, then press:
Inside Sales - #1
Repairs - #2
Technical Support - #3
Wingman Services - #4
HAPP - #5
SPEX - #6
Menu - #0

Contact us by Email

If you prefer to contact us by email, select from the contacts below, or you can use our simple online support form.

For new parts and LRUs, including quotes, orders, status, returns, invoicing, and disputes
For LRU's:
For Service Parts:

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BendixKing Confidence Plan

 Equip Your Aircraft with the Confidence Plan

BendixKing Warranty

  BendixKing Product Warranty Statement - Effective April 7th, 2017


9201-B San Mateo Blvd. NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113

Support US & Canada: 1.855.250.7027
Support international: 1.505.903.6148
Office: 1.505.828.6749



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