xVue Touch Flight Display

April 10, 2018
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., April 10, 2018 – BendixKing, a unit of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), is introducing xVue Touch, a primary flight display for experimental aircraft. Available now, the new cockpit technology provides builders and pilots with a powerful and intuitive touchscreen flight display built with superior craftsmanship, at a very affordable price. The new flight display represents a major milestone for BendixKing as its first product specifically launched for experimental category aircraft.  

BendixKing’s xVue Touch is a high-quality, touchscreen-enabled primary flight display for experimental aircraft that replaces the traditional six-pack of mechanical instruments. This affordable replacement prominently features a bright and vibrant 10.1-inch display with near-4K resolution, the highest resolution currently available in the industry. The flight display is designed with no moving parts, such as cooling fans, which reduces aircraft weight and maintenance cost. It also comes standard with several features that help increase pilot safety and awareness, especially when flying and landing at night, navigating through bad weather, or approaching unfamiliar airports. The most prominent of those features are Honeywell’s SmartView® Synthetic Vision System, a vertical situation display that shows flight path over terrain, and the ability to display Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast weather.   

“The xVue Touch reinforces our commitment to developing technology that provides pilots with the best value for their money to move up to a glass cockpit,” said Gregg Cohen, president, BendixKing. “From optimizing button sizes to maximizing touchscreen accuracy to making any function reachable in under four touches, we’ve developed technology that is both sophisticated and easy to use for experimental aircraft owners. As a longstanding leader in ever-changing general aviation avionics, we are now bringing products and technology that experimental aircraft owners want and that the industry needs.” 

In addition, xVue Touch is an open and connected system, driving the growing role of connectivity in the cockpit. The flight display interfaces with competing navigation systems installed in many aircraft. It also uses Wi-Fi so that pilots can easily update databases, charts and system software in less than 10 minutes. Also included in xVue Touch are free future software updates, which will include engine indicators, radio information and autopilot control. 

“xVue Touch brings experimental aircraft owners a whole new level of simplicity, functionality and capability to their instrument panel. From the superior screen readability of a near-4K display to better awareness with the SmartView Synthetic Vision System, pilots can streamline their cockpit with this new and affordable cockpit technology to focus more on what matters: flying,” said Cohen.  

Special Features in the xVue Touch 

The xVue Touch provides pilots with key technologies and benefits including the following: 
  • High value at a low price: The xVue primary flight display includes high-performance sensors, and comes standard with a host of safety and navigation systems, like Honeywell’s SmartView Synthetic Vision System, normally found on much more expensive avionics.
  • Superior craftsmanship: Designed by industry-leading designers and backed by two years of extensive flight testing, the flight display is manufactured to last with the highest-quality materials available.
  • Fast, simple and powerful: By using infrared technology, xVue Touch is one of the most accurate touchscreen displays available today with high touch accuracy and is usable with gloves. With a maximum of four touches to perform any function, it’s quick and easy to use even during the most intense phases of flight.
  • Remarkable screen readability: With a near-4K resolution — the highest available resolution in the industry — the screen is easily readable in every situation. The glass used in the display is high quality with 92 percent light transitivity and a protective coating to prevent glare, scratches and smudges. 

 xVue Touch is available today through BendixKing dealers. For more information and to purchase the xVue Touch, please stop by the BendixKing Booth A-034 at Sun ‘N Fun International Fly-In Expo or visit our website

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