Autopilots & Indicators

A pioneer in the flight control and indicator industry, the BendixKing family of flight controls and indicators offer solutions that can improve safety and decrease pilot workload while contributing to excellent flight precision, reliability and operational flexibility.

KLR 10

Starting at $1,600 MSRP

Lift Reserve Indicator, for precise and instantaneous lift alerts for your certified and experimental aircraft

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KI 825

Starting at $18,638 MSRP

The KI 825 is now available with WAAS vertical deviation display.

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KFC 225

Between $15,490 and $42,393 MSRP

Flight control system that integrates your avionics smoothly and accurately.

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KFC 325

Starting at $15,036 MSRP

KFC 325 is a three-axis digital flight control system

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KI 256

$25,062 MSRP

Flight Command Indicator used in BendixKing Flight Control Systems

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Starting at $27,937

KCS 55A compass system

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KI 525A

Starting at $12,973 MSRP

Pictorial navigation indicator that simplifies course orientation, interception, and tracking.

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KVG 350

$38,491 MSRP

The KVG 350 vertical gyroscope supplies information to the flight computer regarding both the pitch and roll attitude reference.

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KRG 331

$13,659 MSRP

The KRG 331 yaw rate sensor delivers input to the autopilot.

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KI 300

Solid State Attitude Indicator

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KCS 305

$32,826 MSRP

The KCS 305 Slaved Gyrocompass System is lightweight, accurate and reliable

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KFC 230

Upgrade legacy BendixKing autopilots to the latest digital technology

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