Navigation & Communication

The BendixKing family of avionics offers a complete line of GPS,  navigation, communication and identification products to give pilots the information and precision they require. Our comprehensive family of communication, navigation and indicator products includes communication systems, distance measurement equipment, global positioning systems (GPS), marker beacons, navigation receivers, navigation/communication systems, airborne flight information systems and automatic directions finders.

CNI 5000

Starting at $16,651 MSRP

ADS-B for CitationJet 525/525A

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KSN 770

Starting at $14,141 MSRP

An affordable, WAAS-Enabled, Integrated MFD with a flexible hybrid user interface

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KX 165A

Starting at $6,000 MSRP

The KX 155A and KX 165A update the concept of the combined navigation and communications radio for the 21st century.

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KT 74

$2,895 MSRP

ADS-B OUT Enabled Mode S Transponder

The feature-rich KT 74 brings the value, simplicity, reliability and...

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KX 165

$6,417 MSRP

Simplicity, reliability and capability are key characteristics of the KX 155 and KX 165 Nav/Comm.

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KGX 150/130

Between $2,298 and $7,369 MSRP

The BendixKing KGX ADS-B solutions are flexible, certified and affordable. The KGX 150 series of UAT transceivers and...

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Starting at $28,011 MSRP

Mode S Transponder, Non-Diversity (Black 28V)

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KY 196B

$7,461 MSRP

The KY 196B communications transceiver is designed to simplify operational demands. For component avionics, you can't make...

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KY 196A

Starting at $5,527 MSRP

28 volt communications transceiver with 25 kHz channeling

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KY 197A

Starting at $5,539 MSRP

14 volt communications transceiver with 25 kHz channeling

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KY 96A

$3,762 MSRP

The KY 96A operates on 760 frequencies from 118.00 MHz to 136.975 MHz. You can switch between active and standby frequencies.

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KY 97A

$3,605 MSRP

The KY 97A is a low cost COMM, designed for aircraft with 14 volt electrical systems.

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